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How To Apply Different Visa(s)

Vietnam Visa process map

Online eVisas vs. visa at Vietnamese embassies?

business-vietnam-evisaYou just need to fill out the online visa application form instead of visiting the Vietnam embassies or secured sending documents to Vietnam Embassies.

Apply anywhere and anytime.

The Online visa application does not require sending your passport or any documents. Safer, faster and cheaper.

  • You get a visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department on email.
  • visa-application-approved-Online visa is faster and more convenient.
  • It is in general cheaper and safer than sending documents.
  • If no visa, full refund. We cover the cost. Embassy charged the fee and no refund if denied.
  • Get the visa approved quick and book tickets.
  • The list goes on and on. Basically Online vs. Post or meet in person, tells much about the pro and con.

It is four simple steps. No need to stress.



You are required to enter the exact information as in your travel passport. Make sure all names and details are provided correctly.


Please double check to ensure the information is correct. No change is allowed by the immigration once processing. We accept major Credit/ Debit Card through PayPal gateway.


Within 5 working days (normal case) or sooner for urgent cases, YOU WILL:
• Get visa approval letter via email (with links to entry and exit form)
• Print out the letter and the entry and exit form
• Pre-Fill the entry and exit form. The form can also be collected once landed.
• Prepare 2 passport sized photos and an amount of USD for stamping fee ($25 for single entry visa, $50 for 1-3 month multiple entry visa and $95 for above 3 multiple entry visa etc.)


Visa on arrival: Most flexible visa. Can be process within few hours or sooner for emmergency cases. Standard is within 5 working days. When your arrive in of the Vietnamese internation airports, you will go directly to “Vietnam Landing Visa Office” before enter the passport check. Just follow the signs. Present your passport, visa letter, photos, entry and  exit form, visa stamping fee to Vietnam Immigration counter. Wait and get the passport and visa stamp. You are ready to enter Vietnam. It works as normal visa.

Visa Code at embassy: Enter pre-chosen embassy only and present your passport, visa letter, visa fax copy, photos, exit and entry form and stamping fee. Stamping fee varies depends on local embassies. Wait and get the passport with the visa stamp. Make sure all the info is correct before leaving the embassy. Cannot process sooner than 2 working days. Note: Need 2 additional days for the embassy to check their internal mail and emails.

eVisa* Restricted: New visa type and only valid for certain countries. Check our FAQ. All info need to match and be correct. It is easier but also demands more info and are mores strict. Cannot process sooner than 3-4 business days. Present the visa letter to the passport checkpoint and get a visa stamp into the passport. Make sure the info is correct. you are ready to enter Vietnam.

Visa at embassy: This is the regular visa process. You apply direct at the embassy and come later to get the passport with your visa stamp. OR you contact and make arrangment for sending the visa application with a return envelope (recommnded/ priority sending with check or pre-payment transfer). You need to check each routine for each local embassy. This process, you get the visa stamp before travelling. No online application.


Visa on Arrival is the most used and most secured. We have staff inside airport to follow up an support customers. You just apply online and make sure all the info is according to your passport. Change is not possible. Any changes once the process has been started, need to be re-apply as new order.Vietnam Visa Approval letter page 1 v2

Once the online form has been sumbitted, our staff check all the info to avoid certain mistake. We dont managed to check all info, since it is the customer responsibility that has all the correct info.

You will get an confirmation email about your order. Make sure it is correct or report asap before we start processing. During business hours, the process goes almost immiditely.

Get your pre-approved visa letter on email. Make sure you check all your inboxes, includes spam boxes due to users email filters. OR you an add our email in your contact list.

Print the visa letter, exit and enter form, and prepare all the documents and visa stamping fee in USD. Other currency is also valid, but the exchange rate will be very low. ATM inside airport will most of the time not be working due to too many use it.

vietnam-visa stamp

Once land, follow the sign to “Visa counter” and present all the documents and stamping fee.

If no passport photos, the immigation may help with a fee. Wait and get the passport back with the stamping fee.

You are ready to enter Vietnam. The visa works as all other visa type.

Vietnam Visa Code At Embassy

Vietnamese Visa Code at Embassy (or Vietnamese Visa on Arrival at Embassy) is a document granted by Vietnam Immigration Department and used for getting a visa stamp at a pre-chosen embassy.visaapprovallettervisa codev2

If you wish to get the visa stamp before traveling, then this options most convenient and also easier than go direct to the embassy and apply.

Visa Code at Embassy Steps:

Submit an online visa application on our website and choose the embassy to get the visa stamp. Once approved, get the visa code letter and a fax-copy. These are the official documents and used to get the visa stamp at the pre-chosen embassy.

Note: We recommend you to go to the Embassy after 2 working days, after receiving our Vietnamese approval visa letter code. The Embassy/Consulate needs time to check their mail/ emails/ post/ fax.

The service fee will be paid online to process your visa application towards the immigration department in Vietnam. You get the the pre-approved Vietnamese visa code letter to registered email, while the visa stamping fee will be paid direct at your chosen Embassy only. The stamping fee varies depends on local embassies and local currencies.

visaapprovallettervisacode-faxv2Remember to bring passportphotos, visa code letter, visa fax letter, exit and entry form (can be downloaded on ourr website, stamping fee and passport to the embassy. Stamping fee will varies depends on local embassies.

If you travel by air, you should go for Vietnamese visa on arrival. It allows you to get the visa stamp at the Vietnamese airports. Read more about Vietnamese visa on arrival.

Alternative is to apply the Vietnamese visa by yourself at the Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate or sending in documents. Different routine and regulation depends on your nationality and local embassies. Contact the embassy for updated information.

How to apply for a Vietnamese Visa through Embassy or Consulate

The process do varies on local routine at each embassies. Below is the standard process for most western countries. Certain countries and nationality is more strict an demands more documents and forms.

  1. Original PASSPORT (which requires at least 01 month validity prior the date of exit from Vietnam and/or 06 month validity to meet airlines requirements). In urgent cases, a loose-leaf-visa can be requested, then a copy of passport (photo and personal detail pages) may be submitted instead of the original passport. Not all embassy support this option.
  2. Application forms. Check with the embassy you will apply. The forms can varies on each country. If you live in Europe and need to apply in Cambodia, then check the cambodian one.
  3. Visa fees must be in the form of MONEY ORDER, or CHECK, or COMPANY CHECK payable to “EMBASSY OF VIETNAM”. All fees must be correct or the process wil be delayed (such as visa and stamping fee, shipping, handling and expedite services).
  4. A prepaid return envelope (recommend expedite service) for your documents safety, if you send in documets. The Embassy advices to use USPS Express Mail or FedEx with the tracking numbers or other known companies. Applicants applying together may provide one envelope for all visas/ passports to be returned to the same address. For international shipping, please pay in the form of money order payable to the Embassy of Vietnam.
  5. Processing Time: Calculate enough time, expedite/ internal post and processing time. Five business days are required to process visa applications with approval. Expedited processing will take one to two business days after the Embassy receives the application (additional fee required). Note: Please keep the tracking numbers of the envelopes to and from the Embassy. When the above deadlines have passed, use the tracking number to check with the mailing service first.

Telephone inquires on the status of your application (make sure that you keep your passport number for this request) until after the 1st business day for an expedited case and the 3rd business day for a regular case. The Embassy will be closed on Saturday, Sunday and public Holidays in Vietnam and local country.

“eVisa* Restricted” to Vietnam

This visa is a type of online or evisa introduced in February 2017. This is to make the online visa even easier, but it is also more strict.

The eVisa* process is simple;


  1. Apply online
  2. Review your order and payment
  3. Get your visa letter
  4. Get your visa stamp at passport checkpoint. No other fees.

Note: Make sure all info is correct and exactly as in your passport. No change is possible. Any error can be rejected to enter into stamp into passport

Some restriction for eVisa*:

  • It is valid for 40 countries only. Other countries are not allowed. See below list.
  • Can only be used as tourist purpose only. Cannot renewed/ extend once in Vietnam.
  • Only given entry port are allowed, cannot apply one port and enter another.
  • Only given exit port are allowed, cannot exit other port, or a fine will issued.
  • Need travel details
  • Need more personal information and status
  • Very strict on all info. Cannot be any mistake and no flexible whatsoever.
  • We dont have staff on each port to support if needed. Copared to visa on arrival, we have staff on main airports to support.
  • Need return and hotels booking. Passport checkpoint is often flexible, but you can be rejected if no documents are presented.
  • Need adr in Vietnam.
  • Need to send a scanned passport info pages.
  • Need at least 3-4 working days processing. No urgent is possible.

 The advantage with this eVisa* type are;

  • One fee can be paid online. No more cash fee at the passport checkpoint.
  • No need for passport photos, since you need to send it to us once applied.

Following extra information is needed for eVisa*:

  • Entry and exit port. Note: Only allowed to enter and exit on the given port.
  • Applicants occupation
  • Earlier nationality if any
  • Permanent adr in your country
  • Temp./ visiting adr in Vietnam
  • Phone numbers
  • Passport type
  • Passport issued date and expire date, if not shown clearly in your passport
  • Scanned info pages of passport in colours
  • Image of you as passport photos. Need to look straight forward, no glass, no hat, no smile, ears has to be shown and not covered, and plain background (white/blue)
  • 6 months valid passport
  • Tourist agency used in Vietnam. If no, then we will put our company for your convenient.

If you are one of the list of countries below then you are entitle to apply for “eVisa* Restricted” on our website.

E-Visa* Eligible Nations:

Azerbaijan, Argentina, Armenia, Ireland, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Brunei, South Korea, Germany, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Cuba, Denmark, Timor Leste, USA, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Myanmar, Mongolia, Japan, Panama, Peru, Finland, France, The Philippines, Romania, Spain, Sweden, China (not applicable to Chinese e-passport holders!), Uruguay, Venezuela, Norway, Slovakia.

It is advice to check the info before travelling, due to suddent change can occure.  Compared to “Visa on arrival” by air, we dont have staff at all entry ports to support. At main Vietnamese airports, we have staff if needed.